Sad news - Jay sold his new Rockport Lyra speakers

Just released, after five months of mystery, new speakers that replaced the Wilson chronosonic $350 mil speakers, that were announced with all kinds of fanfare just a few weeks ago are on their way out.

So the $200,000 Rockport lyras, we learn in a dramatic and solemn 90 minute video, were not acceptable so they had to go.

Not everyone has a forum that allows disposal of speakers as does Jay. How incredibly difficult it must be for anyone to make such a serious investment and then be disappointed. And the rest of us who didn’t buy the speakers at a discount will somehow come to terms with a $50-$80,000 loss and that’s just downright depressing.

How does one buy speakers in the vast six digits range? And then how difficult it must be to admit to yourself, and then to your wife, that you’re unhappy. And then how does one muster the courage to go on and purchase another incredibly expensive speaker. Personally I found buying every audio component incredibly annoying and challenging yet you carry on hoping the prize at the end of the unpleasant journey Will be worth it.

Personally I think all the time about upgrading my speaker and then when I see things like this I’m at a loss as to what to do. These types of miserable experiences should be Hidden from public view as it impacts all of us. It’ll be a while before I get over this, maybe I should begin focussing on my thoughts to upgrade my pre-amplifier or replace tubes on my amplifier. Or maybe I should just learn to be satisfied with what I have.






Steve Huff said that the Fleetwood Deville SQ's speakers were the ones he would die owning. Then, he realized he was an influencer and that he would not get clicks and likes if he didn't change his opinion. So, he changed it. End-game, no more. Just like that.

Step right up, suckers.

If you listen to YouTube influencers and follow their lead, don’t be mad at them. They’re there to make money on views. The only person to blame is you for being that naive to believe in this BS. 
Pure entertainment. Nothing else. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. 

Acoustics ( which is not mere room acoustic) rule audio experience not gear price tag...

It takes Jay many years and hundred of amplifiers reviews to learn that...😊

And some here call me bullshitter because i advocate a rational and wise ratio S.Q./price ... What i called relatively low cost for a minimal acoustical satisfaction threshold...

( Some dont understand the word "/relatively"/ i used because we all differ in budget, needs, and goal; they ask me how much ? 😊)

Probably because sound experience is the result of purchase instead of experiments and optimal installation for them ...

The marketing consumerism is so potent people had forgot that audiophilia was about creativity ... Then some of these "rich" or deluded owners of very costly gear call me "tin foil hat" ...They cannot fathom the idea that a 1,000 bucks system or a 10,000 bucks one can be top audiophile experience for many reasons...


OP dont upgrade your speakers if they sound acceptable BEFORE studying the many ways to improve them on all aspects by mechanical,electrical and acoustical simple methods and devices...


«Play with me my Dear instead of upgrading me»--Groucho Marx🤓

@mahgister you’re a standup philosopher. Lol

You earned the title and it has nothing to do with what you’re advocating

Jay has always been about changing gear.  That's what he enjoys.  His first post here back in 2016 was reviews of about 50 amps that he had tried with his ML Montis speakers. 

He says he earns the money to do it and not shortchange his family.  If that's the case, it's OK with me.  As we used to say, it's a free country. 

Jay doesn't buy speakers or for that matter any gear for SQ it's all just a show. 

My thoughts exactly, not everything you see on YouTube is the gospel truth, I take it with a grain of salt.  I don’t know of many people who can afford to swap speakers worth hundreds of thousands of dollars every six months.  It’s almost more like he has a deal going with certain HiFi dealers and or manufacturers where he demos and promotes the products on a YouTube channel and in fact not pay anything for them. Again I don’t know the guy and it maybe it is indeed legit, but I don’t know anyone able to do this other than someone like Bill Gates perhaps.

I can’t imagine changing speakers so often.  I have had three pairs of speakers in my stereo system since I started down the high end rabbit hole in 1988.  That’s right, about 15 years per speaker pair with almost two years into my current speakers.  In each case the move to a new speaker was not made without considerable thought, deliberation and consideration of speaker type.  And in each case I found that changing speakers was a major disruption to my system.  Ie. Amps, cabling and even front end components had to change as well. I had to redo my room acoustics for my latest speakers as well as change out my cabling and digital front end.  My current system is so satisfying now, I dare not change a thing.   It took me almost a year to find the perfect position in the room for my current speakers- no different than the last two pair.  So I am of the opinion that it takes a fair amount of time and adjustment to get to know a speaker and what it can do.  It is the most complex component in a stereo system.  The speaker interacts with the room and with our ears.  The amps, cabling and front end affect how that speaker interacts with the room.  Speakers are chameleons.  Their character changes with the room acoustics and with the amps driving them.  Best of all is how they just disappear when set-up properly. 

For the influencers, changing the gear is the show. There may be a stable of other gear in the background that is kept as a reference for comparison, but the "system" that gets new releases has the new gear.

Watching Jay is a fool's errand. I do not believe anything he has to say.


Happy Listening!

Jay's John is to buy expensive gear, report his impressions, sell, and buy more. That's the cycle. I'm sure that most of three time he loses money on the purchase and sales. He got a good price for the Kyra. So... As he said, it's a business. 

He pumped these speakers to no end

so he claims it took him 2 years to find these (so

they are used)

he pumped them up hard after revealing them.. he got an offer and sold. He might have made some profit on this flip

In accounting there is a term called "Materiality" which means a sum of money so small that it's not worth accounting for. For me it's the penny that dropped under the car seat. For Coca Cola Bottling it's the entire state of Michigan's bottling operations. 

The same goes for HiFi swapping. I have a buddy that changes gear like I change socks. His business earns him $2mm a month before taxes so with $66,700 a day coming in it would take him all week to buy a set of Chronosonics. 

He could have had them for a week for all we know. He said he had new speakers for five months, but we never saw the speakers.

@emergingsoul   "These types of miserable experiences should be Hidden from public view as it impacts all of us. It’ll be a while before I get over this,"


The horror of it all how will any of us sleep at night.

It’s abundantly clear that Jay didn’t take advantage of Crutchfield’s generous 60 day return policy to "demo" those speakers. Had he done so, he would have gone for something less pedestrian and would have Chosen Wisely

The rule of thumb I heard years ago:  If your music collection is worth more than your stereo then you are a music lover.  If your stereo is worth more than your music collection then you are an equipment junkie.  The extreme is owning a million dollar system and just a handful of records.  I’d be ok with that only I love music too.  I miss shopping for records in a record store.  I’d even be happy to shop for CDs.

One of my favorite memories is hearing Alan Parsons Project Tales of Mystery and Imagination in a record store in 1976.  I bought the 8 Track tape.  Yeah, I’ve come a long way.  I have a Mobile Fidelity Version on vinyl.  I said that only because I need the validation.  :)

@OP Sad news? I don't think you believe that for a minute. Interesting premise for a post though. :-).  

Seriously, all of us on this forum have been confronted with gut wrenching sadness in our lives at one time or another. Jay's speaker purchases don't even move the needle. 

Jay's business is to keep gear coming in for review which requires he cycles the old gear out. What would he have to say if he built the "perfect" system, and then stopped at Nirvana? Who is going to tune into his channel for that?

That's a lot of capital tied up in those speakers, I'm sure his wife is fine with the decision. Any losses on individual components are either illusory or a cost of doing business. If he's still in business, then he's doing something right. And that includes  pushing gear out the door.

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How much someone spends on something is relative. It may seem like a lot to some and not so much to others. I think that everyone has made a purchase they have regretted. It’s just viewed differently depending on one’s perspective and disposable income. It’s ironic how some people aren’t satisfied with a multimillion-dollar yacht and end up buying several. One for each coast or continent, while others would be totally happy with a little aluminum boat and a trailer to go fishing with on the weekends, or others with owning their first pair of shoes or being able to afford their next meal of rice and beans. Who’s Jay anyways and why do you care? Not your $!


"It’ll be a while before I get over this..."

Praying for you in your hour of need...🙄

i cannot hide my defect... 😊

@mahgister you’re a standup philosopher. Lol

You earned the title and it has nothing to do with what you’re advocating

I also feel very sad for Rockport. This clearly is not helpful it makes me question whether I wanna learn more about this speaker company. One bad piece of negative news can devastate a company. It makes me wonder about the relationships between a quasi dealer and a manufacturer. I thought Rockport was supporting jay with marketing support and then for Jay to turn tail and say he don't like the speakers is just odd.


For someone as me or a regular dude , learning concretely by hearing them , what a pair of speakers can do in a room for your specific ears with specific gear , ask for a very long time of experiments in acoustic to finetune and optimize the speakers...

Then plugging them in a wall and reviewing them appear to me preposterous... Only reviewers must do that...


I guess you haven't heard by now that Jay does not buy most of his stuff he gets it from dealers to showcase so it's not costing him a thing, so it's not poor baby Jay lol, and just for your knowledge his name is Dave don't know why he doesn't want to use his real name, I know someone who knows him and he gave me the scoop and he told me that Jay does not pay for almost all of this stuff so you don't have to feel sorry for him

Jay's show is Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous ...

His listening room looks like a garage.

The cement foundation he has under his listening space can’t be the greatest. He had a problem with an amplifier that had to be returned because the speakers he had could not be biamplified.

I don’t understand why he begs for people to like his videos so much. Yes he may get a few thousand views but it takes in excess of 100,000 views to get anything meaningful paid from YouTube. He’s not making any money from YouTube and maybe he makes his money by charging fees to all those people who sign up for private messaging. Or maybe he gets a lot of money from speaker manufacturers which is hard to believe. I don’t follow the business logic of what he’s trying to do. He works really hard but can be misleading at times. I think after getting rid of the last speaker his credibility is unclear.

It’s fascinating and even more fascinating to read the comments he gets. I learn a lot by reading comments as there’s a lot of people out there who really know what they’re doing.



You do realize that Jay had one of, if not the, most popular threads in Audiogon history?

And lots of supporters for all his efforts, no matter how they turn out.

Clearly you have taken a personal interest in denigrating him.  

Whatever we may think about his reviews and knowledge...

For me Jay is honest as are the most honest reviewers... Many are honest...

I say that even if i am not interested by high end very costly products for myself...

We cannot ask to a reviewer what we can ask from a long term user of a product .Reviewers must sell at the end of the day with + or - honesty...We must read here between their lines...

Consumers buy and plug ..

Audiophiles modify,optimize,tweaks and learn acoustics once synergy is reached and do all there is to do to make upgrading not so much tempting and necessary ....

I dont need to listen to my gear anymore because i listen music now... Thanks acoustics basic... 😊

One thing hard to understand: Why it should be "SAD" to sell speaker when one actually should be HAPPY??

General rule of thumb, you should be happy the day you buy and same happy the day you sell

Correct me if I'm wrong.

I was sad to sell my Tannoy dual gold concentric because they did not fit on my desk...😁


We can be sad to sell a good product that we cannot use in some room acoustic for example or for our specific needs...


I would just like to see a more helpful showcasing and informing people about the gear he’s talking about on his website.

Every once in a while there’s a morsel of value it’s very limited.

For some reason he’s buying really really expensive gear doesn’t really explain it very well. You can’t just keep saying oh I just paid $100,000 for a amplifier that means it’s gonna be wonderful. Maybe explain what the heck going on with it.

We’re drawn to him to salivate with all the gear around him and yet we walk away feeling unclear about what is it that makes it so special. And with that very expensive turntable how many records does he own? I don’t understand I guess I’m not smart enough.

Good questions...

Jay reviews interest mostly people able to afford it...

I am in no need for these gear pieces... I listen sometimes his reviews for his character...😊

Also i am curious about his journey...

he is paramount example of an audiophile who buy stuff so pricey, he cannot modify them in any way ...😊

For a long time he does not even adress the room ...

my journey is complete opposite : i bought good low cost gear i optimized and modified with complete success and magical results because i also adress the room first and last... As did old audiophiles long time ago it seems ..

I do not solder though... I study basic acoustics not electronics design... I trust  engineers more than myself about that ...


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Jay’s very first post on A’gon started out with a listing of what seemed like 100s (exaggerating) of amplifiers he had tried.  Briefly explaining what he did or did not like about them.  A number of these were actually reasonably priced gears.

As time marched on he specialized in reviewing very expensive equipment and made no excuses about that is where his interest lies and that of his expected client base.

His gear is all too expensive for what I want or need, and so I don’t give the same attention as I do videos of less expensive equipment.  But I do respect all the hard work he has put into his gig and wish him success.

It is hard to stay focused on reviews of equipment that you know you will never own.  Like the Stereophile magazine of old where most of the equipment reviewed back then cost about three months pay if not more.


Indeed... "SAD" is wrong propaganda especially if it makes other people sad.

Better be happy and, of course, don't worry.

@emergingsoul  "We’re drawn to him to salivate with all the gear around him and yet we walk away feeling unclear about what is it that makes it so special"

Who's the "we" .  Speak for yourself. Whine by yourself

@emergingsoul Last week your problem was with OCD Mickey. This week it’s Jay. Who's the industry/audio influencer up next?

It’s different for boat owners.  The happiest two days in a boat owner’s life is the day he buys a boat and the day he sells it.

I wonder if a YouTuber buys and sells mega yachts all the time…


"I don’t understand I guess I’m not smart enough."

Well said, I completely agree with you.

Well, @tonywinga

Not only boats for me having the fact that I’ve purchased and sold boat not once.

If I'm not happy to sell, than I perhaps won't sell unless I'm forced to pawn it...

“Influencer”. That there’s funny. 
Influence who - those of weak mind and low self esteem? Probably not the group who considers dropping a quarter Mil on hifi speakers.

@tonywinga I smiled when I read you comment on Alan Parsons. I was probably 16 when I bought that album and thought this guy was a genius. Those were the days. Albums that were woven together using all kinds of instrument but also had a theme connecting the songs together!! Wow. Fast forward to last night. What album was I enjoying on CD? Alan Parsons Eye in the Sky. Still sounds great! The CD has cuts that my  LP doesn’t and is worth having. I enjoyed all of his works.

Now back to your regularly scheduled thread.