Sad news - Jay sold his new Rockport Lyra speakers

Just released, after five months of mystery, new speakers that replaced the Wilson chronosonic $350 mil speakers, that were announced with all kinds of fanfare just a few weeks ago are on their way out.

So the $200,000 Rockport lyras, we learn in a dramatic and solemn 90 minute video, were not acceptable so they had to go.

Not everyone has a forum that allows disposal of speakers as does Jay. How incredibly difficult it must be for anyone to make such a serious investment and then be disappointed. And the rest of us who didn’t buy the speakers at a discount will somehow come to terms with a $50-$80,000 loss and that’s just downright depressing.

How does one buy speakers in the vast six digits range? And then how difficult it must be to admit to yourself, and then to your wife, that you’re unhappy. And then how does one muster the courage to go on and purchase another incredibly expensive speaker. Personally I found buying every audio component incredibly annoying and challenging yet you carry on hoping the prize at the end of the unpleasant journey Will be worth it.

Personally I think all the time about upgrading my speaker and then when I see things like this I’m at a loss as to what to do. These types of miserable experiences should be Hidden from public view as it impacts all of us. It’ll be a while before I get over this, maybe I should begin focussing on my thoughts to upgrade my pre-amplifier or replace tubes on my amplifier. Or maybe I should just learn to be satisfied with what I have.






He pumped these speakers to no end

so he claims it took him 2 years to find these (so

they are used)

he pumped them up hard after revealing them.. he got an offer and sold. He might have made some profit on this flip

In accounting there is a term called "Materiality" which means a sum of money so small that it's not worth accounting for. For me it's the penny that dropped under the car seat. For Coca Cola Bottling it's the entire state of Michigan's bottling operations. 

The same goes for HiFi swapping. I have a buddy that changes gear like I change socks. His business earns him $2mm a month before taxes so with $66,700 a day coming in it would take him all week to buy a set of Chronosonics. 

He could have had them for a week for all we know. He said he had new speakers for five months, but we never saw the speakers.