Sadly missed manufacturers

I've been an audio and music enthusiast since the 1970's. We've all seen a fair number of companies come and go. Some burned brightly for a while, some not at all, and some companies are still present but only in name as they otherwise bear no resemblance to their ancestors.

Are there any companies you are sad to have seen disappear?

l can name a few former luminaries that are now gone- Counterpoint, Apogee. Both offered very good products, but unfortunately neither offered bullet proof reliability. I am of mixed feelings of the various Carver companies. I think Carver, the man, is capable of producing some genuinely first rate products but I viewed much of the marketing as smoke and mirrors which to me detracts from a manufacturer's credibility.
VSP Labs-Relatively affordable amps that were a big improvement over Adcom and most other entry level amps. Was planning to replace my Amber Series 70 with a Trans Mos 150. Has it been 25 years? Yikes!
Mark Levinson, (the man and his original company)

To name just a few.
4musica...Klyne Audio Arts is still alive and kickin'. They
just don't advertise much nor summit samples for review, but
is still an excellent company.
Mofimadness - Wow! My bad - I did not know Klyne was still around. And I am especially glad to learn this since I have one of his fantastic full function preamps in one of my systems. Thank you for this good news!

Yes, there is a company named Threshold, and Nelson Pass is doing well with Pass Labs, but I think the original Threshold/Forte with Nelson Pass should definitely be on the list.
Zenith allegro speakers

I miss these brands very much. They were true high end compared to the stuff they make today!
I agree with Tis49, and in that same vain: "Yes, there is a company named..." Thiel and Krell.
I would also suggest Dunlavy and TacT.
Worked at a TV & Stereo store in the late 70s and have some fond memories of these brands. They were kind of mainstream vs. audiophile brands but sure were fun to play with after the boss went home in the evenings:

Sansui (old guys will remember the 9090DB)
Technics (by Panasonic)
Mitsubishi (anyone remember that cool looking vertical turntable with linear tracking arm?)
Yankee ribon Was this speaker ever made and did he ever sell one? I doubt it. VMPS, Altis Audio (Howard Mandel), Timbre Technology (David Goldstein), MFA tube amps (Scott Frankland & Bruce Moore), Electron Kinetics Eagle Amplifier, Forsel, Aranov Audio Tube amps and preamps.
BEL, Unity Audio, Scientific Fidelity, Counterpoint, AMC, EAD, Sonic Frontiers, Soundwave, Hales, Kinergetics Research, Melos, Muse (I'm not sure about the last 2. I'm fairly certain they're out).
Wow, no mentioned ADS Loudspeakers yet. Especially the L series. Some of my absolute favorites.
03-10-14: Jwm

Yankee ribon Was this speaker ever made and did he ever sell one? I doubt it.
Yes, and yes, I know someone that has a pair, and have actually listened to them.

03-10-14: Yogiboy

Zenith allegro speakers
Let's not forget the Zenith "Circle of Sound" speakers.
CAL, Dual, Tandberg (well, though they still exist, they left the hifi business), Empire

Tls49 and Unsound, I would also add the Cary name to the zombie company list, name only still around. They haven't been the same since Dennis Had left. Sorry if this offends anyone.

Plasmatronics, Inc.

They made the Hill Type 1 Plasma Speaker often referred to as the Hill Plasmatronics loudspeaker.
GSM beat me to it! I was about to post the following:

To the many good inputs that have been provided I would add the better makers of high quality tube electronics in the 1950's and 1960's, including among others:

Marantz (the present company is the same in name only)
H. H. Scott
Acrosound and Dynaco (David Hafler's first two companies)
REL (Radio Engineering Laboratories, no relation to the British subwoofer manufacturer).

And the 1930's forebears of quality hifi as we know it:

E. H. Scott
McMurdo Silver
Western Electric (many of whose products from the 1930's are still revered for their sonics, and are worth small or not so small fortunes)

-- Al
Heath, as in Heathkits, and Dynaco, although I am not sure how many people have the patience to assemble kits any more. As Al just posted, David Hafler founded Dynaco before Halfer.
Interesting that no one mentioned Western Electric

Line Magnetic keeps the "Western Electric" spirit (and sound) alive nicely

And when you think about kits, got to include Eico.

Also, who remembers getting that catalog in the mail from Lafayette or Allied, and spending all that time looking through it?
Logitech (Squeezebox).

That's the one I'm likely to have a need for at some point soon and I have not found a clear replacement for to-date, though there are candidates in the running.

Tandberg I suppose though I have moved on from there as well.

No others I can think of that have no modern replacements/alternatives.

I miss the old prices a lot though!!!
03-11-14: Unsound
Mark Levinson?

Maybe, that is a tougher call as they seemed to have a lot of their 'success' after the man left the company. I quote success, because I never was a fan, either before or after. However, I believe the company was a lot more prosperous after the man left the company. I don't think the same can be said in the case of Threshold, Krell, Thiel or Cary.

However, if you are referring to when Madrigal left the company Mark Levinson to Harmon International, then you probably have a valid point.
^Not too much experience with the original gear from the "man", but not a fan of their gear either. Still...
Hats off to Almarg- Brook is a great inclusion. I completely forgot about Brook, even though a pair of Ohm F's (Walsh drivers) are sitting in my home waiting for restoration or a new home
Mark Levinson was married to Kim Cattrel the actress of Sex In The City.
I won't speculate.
Noone misses James Bongiorno's GAS company that made Ampzilla, Charlie the Tuner, etc.??
Thanks, Zavato. As you realize, Lincoln Walsh is better known these days for having developed the Walsh driver, used in Ohm speakers, than for his earlier Brook Electronics Company. Even though Brook manufactured what were as far as I am aware the only DHT (directly heated triode) amplifiers (2A3's and 300B's in this case) that were produced for use in the home prior to the resurgence of interest in DHTs during the past few decades. Aside, that is, from some elaborate multi-chassis "radios" produced by E. H. Scott and McMurdo Silver ca. 1935, which used 2A3-based amplification in some models.

I see that there is a pair of the top of the line Brook monoblocks, the model 10C, being offered at the well known auction site right now for only $24K, for those who may be interested :-)

Brett (Isochronism), your speculation is logical, but Mark Levinson lost his original company and the rights to his own name around 1983, and he didn't marry Kim Cattrall until 1998.

Best regards,
-- Al
Anyone remember Audire? Really good SS electronics from IIRC a former NASA guy called Julius Siksnius. Audire made my first separates which were purchased at a steep discount from Crazy Eddie (?!) in NYC many, many moons ago.

Lots of turntable names also come to mind like;
Coinesseur, Dual, Garrard, AR, Transcriptor and a bunch of Linn knock offs like Ariston.
Al and others .... is it true? Mark Levinson married Kim Cattrel???? I LUV her. Well .. I guess "The Man" met "The Babe." :)
"a bunch of Linn knock offs like Ariston"

Well, the Ariston was no Linn knockoff- 1- it predates the LP 12, and 2- infact, the actual manufacturing of the Ariston was at Castle engineering which was owned by a certain Mr. Tiefebrun whose son latter founded Linn.

At one point there was a press release indicating that the turntable previously known as the ariston rd-11 will now be known as the Linn LP12.
I remember owning a Systemdek IIX with a Grace G-707 Mk II arm and F9E cartridge, recall that sounding extremely good. I really enjoyed my Allison Model Nine loudspeakers... I used them with a Nikko Alpha 440 at one point. Loved my Ohm Walsh 3, and Spicas TC-50 too. I've hung onto a sweet looking pair of Hales Revelation Three, my favorite.
Denon - in car audio land... Their stuff was awesome!
Eclipse - again in car audio
Adcom - yea broken record..... Car audio amps were awesome

Infinity - bring back their 90's vintage quality and speakers.... The name is still around but their quality sure isn't :(

Saab - oooo yea.... We are talking audio stuff not cars :)