SAEC are trying out something very new, they are pioneering the use a State of the Art Signal Wire in their Tonearm, their choice for the signal wire is produced by a Company that really does know a thing or two about wire production.

I can’t fault the use of PC Triple C wire in any way, as a Signal Wire and Umbilical Cable when attached to my owned devices.

When used on my system as an external Cable, throughout a Sources Signal Path and being compared to the older produced wire designs used in Cables, especially OCC wire, the PC triple C, is out in front and not really in the company of a competitor. For this reason the wire has become notable and is a material worthy of being referenced and made known.

I turned away from Silver Wire quite some time ago, a owned Tonearm that has Silver Wire used as continuous signal wire was put on the Subs Bench quite a few years ago, even though I did recently give it an excursion, where it was out being used during a TT demonstration at another home.

My earliest experience of PC Triple C was one that almost immediately put expensive Silver OCC Phono DIN > RCA Cable back in its box very shortly after a PC Triple C Cable was compared to it. The Silver OCC has remained in storage for since it was put away.

I certainly am not going to make a Statement as to what is the best wire to be used on a Tonearm, or wire that is best to be used in a Cable on a Signal Path.

I like many, have had hands on experience with OFC Copper, OCC Copper, OCC Silver, being used as wire on a Vinyl LP Sources Signal Path, these wire types are no longer on my radar for use in my home system. If a friend needed cable to get them out of trouble, I would happily make them available for these reasons, but if I were to demonstrate a Cables Capability today, PC triple C is the material for this.

These old wire designs when compared to PC triple C on my system and the few other systems I have heard using it, has made a really positive impression on myself, as well as the owners of the other systems, the New Design Wire in use is simply out in front of the other contenders, once experienced it is difficult to imagine the future with out it included.

I will say solely, that I am not able to see myself taking a step back to older design wires, I have progressively adopted New Wire Designs over the years.

The want to create a New Signal Path in my system, using the latest design wires has got my full attention and budget allocation.

This is a Link I discovered from the Munich Hi End Show.

It does look to make a good case for SAEC Arms and offers something extra for  those who are dedicated to using the Brands Products.

I would be quite surprised if many of the above comments were true regarding all Saec arms. After all, Luxman has chosen to use a Saec arm on their current Mk2 version of the PD 151. Luxman knows a thing or two about Turntables.