I would be quite surprised if many of the above comments were true regarding all Saec arms. After all, Luxman has chosen to use a Saec arm on their current Mk2 version of the PD 151. Luxman knows a thing or two about Turntables. 

Dear Pindac, I read in your post above, "larger crystals coalesce with each other, forming monocrystalline areas...."  There must be a semantic issue, but how can coalescing crystals, which implies that the crystals aggregate in some way, result in a monocrystalline structure?

@lewn I am not aware of any posts I have made where crystals are part of the content, but maybe I have? early mornings and older age cam create a absent mind.

I am assuming this post from you is a response to my making it known, as a result of experiences, I am a advocate of PC Triple C and D.U.C.C Wire.

This may be if interest or not, but there are other Gon forum members, in a small number making it known they are trying out PC Triple C signal wire in a cable, following witnessing my commentary on the experience I have with it. Reports are now beginning to feed back where there are claims that the Cable used has made a very good impression and is likely to be the replacement for previous used Cables.

There are now approx' 5 x Tonearms having been upgraded to PC Triple C by the designer of the Tonearm I own.  

As stated in a previous post in relation to PC Triple C being used as a signal wire in a Tonearm,  "The newly adopted use of the PC Triple C wire is the one I would promote as the must have element of the available design changes."

Keeping D.U.C.C signal wire in the Loop, I took a 0.7mtr and 1.2mtr length of Cable to a demonstration very recently. The intention of the day was to be demonstrated a new to the HiFi Groups system. The usual schedule was in place, the owner presents and following this the Group adds devices to enable the owner to experience a different presentation, sonic, SQ.

When having been through different permutations of digital sources to DAC's, Cables as connectors between DAC's was on the menu. The D.U.C.C has thoroughly impressed, this was a unanimous agreement.

The system owner now has a Cable Pair retained as loan items, to extend the use of them at other interfaces.  

Pindac, I was quoting from your post of 5-23-22. You can be forgiven for not recognizing something you wrote a year ago, nearly. I do not at all challenge your judgment of the copper wire that you have been discussing. I have no basis to doubt your testimony. I only wondered at that comment about how the wire is made.