Safe Way To Transport LPs

I'm moving to Arizona from Michigan the first week of July, and am wondering about the best way to transport my LP collection.  I can't imagine the records surviving 4-5 days in a moving truck in the summer desert heat.  Maybe overnight the boxes through UPS or FedEx?
onhwy613,886 posts05-12-2017 6:52amIf packed tightly in boxes the heat won't be a problem. For generations records have been shipped worldwide in every climate imaginable without problems.

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We moved recently from NY metro to Austin Texas. Our stuff went into climate controlled storage, and the higher value items into a vault, until we pulled the trigger. There were some items we needed for living as soon as we arrived in Austin so we shipped those ahead via UPS. The cost was pretty astronomical, but part of that may have been the value placed on the contents.
I personally packed a little over 5000 LPs for moving. I used double walled LP boxes from Bags Unlimited, but assume similar boxes are available from other suppliers. The boxes were packed pretty full, with some additional filler on either face end, then taped by the mover.
Once we bought a house in Austin, we gave the movers the green light- all the records arrived fine. 
If you aren't using a professional mover to do your household stuff, your approach may have to be different, but aside from the weight (movers charge by weight), there was little to worry about. They also handled all my hi-fi gear (properly crated or boxed) without any apparent issues. 
Congrats on your move. 
Thanks, everyone.  All info is just what I needed and I'll just pack tightly in proper boxes and let Bekin take the 6-10 days they say they need.  I didn't even think of how these records got to the stores in the first place!

Onhwy61 - are you from Michigan?  I'll miss Mich., too, except for Nov 1st through Feb 28th.

I'm glad to see you're using a big name mover.  Things can go wrong, but they tend to keep them to a minimum.  Ask if your stuff will be reloaded along the way?  Also asked about GPS real time tracking.

Yep, not born here, but I'm a Michigander.
The plastic corrugated boxes (white with black lids) from Bags Unlimited are the ticket. They’ll hold 50-60 albums each and can be safely stacked 3-4 boxes high. I used blue painters tape to seal them and it makes for easy removal. Assuming your mover will be using a 53’ tractor trailer try and be present for the loading of the truck. Otherwise they will/can potentially stack the record boxes floor to ceiling to minimize the taking of space.