Sagging power plugs in wall outlet, diy

Does anyone have any diy advice on how to support heavy power plugs that sag from the wall outlet? I have Shunyata cords and I also have Shunyata's SR-Z1 outlet. However the power plugs still sag. Shunyata sells the Cable Cradle, which is the perfect fix, but I feel like there must be some diy alternative. 


Thanks for all the good ideas, fellas. I guess there are lots of ways to go about it with a little imagination and creativity.

You could use a small shelf bracket and then place about six inches above the plug in and attached the plug in and using zip ties to attach the wires to the bracket.  It will definitely secure the plug-in.  The six inch bracket has holes that are pre drilled to attach screws.  

it will hold the wire in place.  Good luck




You basically made what Sonore sells for $80! I have to say, Sonore's solution is ridiculously expensive for a molded piece of plastic. Well done to you!


I tried to post a current Audiogon ad but was blocked. ???

Do a search for, SONORE Outlet Cover , on Audiogon’s main page.

The price may be worth the trouble of your time trying something else to support your cable(s).