Salamander Video Racks

I am looking at a few of the Salamander video racks (Archetype, TV40 and others) but have read a few negative reviews on other Salamander products. Anyone have any experience with Salamander?
I have a Salamander Designs Synergy Triple 20 as a stand for my Samsung DLP TV, and soon to hold my a/v equipment as well. So far, I like it very much - no problems, was fairly easy to assemble, and it looks great in the cherry/black finish.

I just purchased a SVDO cabinet and am very impressed with design, build and flexability. The only way to go short of custom built.
I have a positive experience with Salamander. I put together a '5' and a '3' to have seven shelves (one shelf not used). My McIntosh 275 (70 lbs), preamp, cdp, tuner,NAK, and my 90 lb teac reel to reel all rest comfortably. It's fairly solid.
I use a twin 20 for one system, a twin 30 in another room, and a single 40 without sides as a piece of furniture on the other side of the house.

I cut the aluminum risers on my twin 30 with a chop saw and carbide tipped blade. then drilled and tapped the riser. Simple clean neat, and now a custom height. A Toshiba widescreen direct view (185 lbs) now sits on the top, and a center channel benath (no center post in the front), center channel beneath the TV.

I have found that the optional casters are high quality, look good and work well. My other racks have the optional polished legs, which look great. Either is HUGE step ahead of the standard feet, which work great, but are very ugly in comparison.

The racks require some patience and thought to assemble without scratching anything. But it is not difficult by any stretch. Just remember to thread things into the posts, while holding the post stationary. If you rotate the post instead of the bolt, you will scratch the shelf. The veneer looks good.

The perforated side panels are a must. The keep a lot of dust out and look good. I don't have any doors or drawers, so i can't speak to those. I've never even bothered trying to install the back panels on any of my Synergy's. They seem completely unnecessary.

Once assembled, the rack is rigid and stable. The shelves require a knack to adjust and level, but with the supplied level, and a one side at a time approach, is very straight forward. Having adjustable shelves is a real plus as your system changes over time.

I also own a Zoethecus rack, similiar to a single 50. The Zoe is far more attractive, rigid and stable. But it is a fixed shelf rack, and costs twice as much (if not more with the z-slabs).

I can't say enough about the Salamander Synergy racks at their price point (and for a lot more $$). On the high end Zoethecus and Billy Bags are difficult to beat. But cost and fixed shelves are a downside.

I have no experience with the Archtype, but they always struct me as "wobbly".
I use a Synergy triple 30 and a single 30 to fill in an eight foot entertainment "nook" in my living room. I have one drawer, one door and (since the triple and single sit touching) a pair of side panels. Finish is cherry with black posts. I use the back panels.

Have my 2 channel gear in the single, my HT gear in the triple. My Samsung 50" DLP on top. CDs in the drawer. Some albums in a space not used for gear.

I am very happy with the units. They look really nice and are rock solid. Mostly easy to put together.

Complaints (such that they are):
1) You have to plan ahead where and how to put things. It is difficult (for me)to change compartment sizes and locations due to weight of the units I would have to move on my own, and the amount of gear I am using in them(a mess of connections).

2) I want to add a door but it looks like I will have to take the triple apart to put it in as ALL the mounting hardware slips down slots in the posts. I would have to remove everything and then reinstall. Not worth the hassle at this time for a door. Something to think about if you think you may add or change things around later.

3) I found the drawer instructions and installation difficult to comprehend, but that may just be me. Everything else was relatively easy. Also, the back 20% of the drawer does not come out so I have trouble getting CDs out if I put too many in too deep. (I had the CD drop-in rack but I can get more CDs in without it.)

Other than these observations, a very nice and very adaptable unit at a good price (don't buy direct, you can find cheaper on the web).