Sales: truth in weight?

I see many listings for the same item and weight can go from an actual weight to insane numbers up to triple its actual spec. Do you feel some abuse this estimate in an effort to profit and if so do you call out sellers on this?
I made a purchase once and the shipping quote the seller gave me from their own weight estimate was almost three times its actual value so I asked for the item to be re-calculated. The seller was gracious and all was fine but do many buyers accept what the seller tells them, and if you do when item comes have you ever noticed the item is way off from what you were told?
Should part of a sellers integrity include an honest estimate of weight (knowing that actual double boxing and protective packing can add a bit to the total)? I am mainly talking about items such as Music disc's, CD players, amps and items that typically dont have super high weight and should be fairly easy to estimate accurately.
A lot of people that list on e-bay reduce the sale amount and transfer it to the shipping charge to save money on e-bay's listing fees which is based on the value of the listed item. It is not a scam and a lot of bidders recognize that.
Sorry your majesty, I was only trying to shed some light on Sc53 comments earlier in the post. You always have a choice not to purchase from sellers who you believe are attempting to get rich off of your hard earned money. So, instead of sitting there wringing your hands about being taken, just stick them in your pockets and move on.
That smartass swipe was a cheap shot, I was pointing out how one has nothing to do with the other.