Salk Future TBD

Jim put up this post over on AC earlier today…;topicseen#new


 Sad to read this. I picked up a used pair of SongTowers several months ago and am quite impressed by them. I left them set up in my main rig for two weeks and really enjoyed them. I was contemplating buying one of their larger models in the near future. Best of luck to Mr. Salk.

I very much enjoyed my SS6M's before I sold them (for tower speakers). They are beautiful speakers and Jim was a delight to deal with. Small companies can be a wonderful adventures but they can also be confining. Getting out with your skin intact is the best outcome and I wish Jim well.

It is unfortunate that there aren't family members or employees who are able to continue the company.  Equally unfortunate is that beautiful cabinets are now being made in China more and more companies seem to be availing themselves of these cabinets in order to keep costs down which ends up putting a lot of pressure on the custom cabinet guys like Salk or Daedalus or name a few.

Audio is a very competitive business!



I was at that Arizona Speakerfest and clearly recall seeing and hearing the Salk speakers. I was hoping at that time that it would be an annual event.