Salk Speakers - Opinions & Advice?

This past weekend I went to Karma Fest in Livonia, Michigan, and saw so many beautiful speakers in the Salk Signature Sound, I didn't know where to start. Since I live quite close to the company, I'll head up there for a private audition. However, after going through the A'gon threads addressing Salk speakers, I still don't have a real idea as to what they sound like - how they make music.

So, for those of you who know (and hopefully own), Salk speakers, what is the "signature sound" of these beauties? I know what to pretty much expect from a Harbeth, Spendor, Thiel, etc. but what might I expect from Salk?

The impression I got from some threads is that Salks are on the detailed, transient (leading edge of the notes), and cool side of things, as opposed to, say, Harbeth, which are on the warm and full (body of the notes) side of things.

Thanks in advance, guys and gals.
Hello, I was at AK Fest over the weekend also. My impression of the D1's matches those of others already listed. I intended to ask Ty how many hours they had on them and never did. If they were not broken in it could explain the forward upper mids/low treble. The bass was another issue. Those speakers had plate amps on them specifically dedicated to the bass and they could have been turned down at any time. The plate amps are not standard for them, but I verified they were on the demo pair and turned on while in the room. I don't know why he had the bass turned up the way he did with them, but the problem could have been easily rectified.
As for the Grant Fidelity and the Fritz Carbon 7's, I thought them both to be well made and sound very good. The speakers in that price range that grabbed my attention were the Dynaudio Excite X 12's which to my ears had a superior tweeter to either of the above. The Dyn's also drew me in to the music a little better. On top of that, they are also less expensive. My opinions are based on limited auditioning under show conditions so take them for what they are worth. I thought the little Dali's were also very good but would take the x12's over them. I put a great deal of emphasis on tweeter performance and the Dynaudio models have had the best tweeters in their respective price classes. The Dynaudio C1's have had the best tweeter at the show regardless of price the last two years running IMO.
I was also in the Salk room probably a half dozen times, but never got to hear the Songtowers. I thought the HT2 TL's sounded very, very good and was not put off by any brightness from them. They are also more expensive than the other speakers you mentioned.
I remember now the big Tylers did have amps on the woofers as Ty was turning them up and down to show what the speakers could do. I think he finally left the amps set a bit too high - too much bass.

I, too, was taken by the little white Dyn x12s. Very musical and enjoyable; I stayed a while to just listen. I went next door to the big Confidences but actually enjoyed the x12s more. Found them more musically "happy", if you know what I mean.
I guess it is difficult to judge speakers at shows due to room size and other factors,however, both Salk and Tylers
have had excellent reviews by customers who own them.So you really need to hear them in a setting that is closest to yours,although that is always the difficult part because
you would have to incur cost shipping speakers back if you don't like them.
I was a bit disppointed by D1's sound. However, I attribute it more to the (mediocre?) Jolida amp and cd player. To my ear, my system sounds better (Tyler Linbrook SS, BAT vk-200, vk30, Arcam CD23). My room (about 25x30) is about 4 times as big as the hotel room.

For Salk, it sound pretty good on Jazz and Rock, which were played everytime I dropped in the room.
However, it did not sound as good as I expected on classical music. Again, I would say my system wins hands down. It may also have to do with the AVA gears, which I don't think are as good as mine.
Maybe I am so stuck with the sound of my systems.

One speaker I thought to be very good for the price point was Tom Evans model one ($9K). And there was one other speaker powered by BAT vk55, vk32se, and vkd5. I can't remember the name but it is one of those curve shaped speakers ($15K?). I am not sure whether the BAT gears made them sound so good, but I couldn't stay long enough in that room.

One utter disappointment was the McIntosh room. All combined at $45K, I did not care to stay for more than a couple of mins.
Well, just my opinion.