Salk Towers versus Legacy Classic

Are there any Salk owners who have previously owned Legacy Audio speakers, particularly the Classics? I have been upgrading my system and now trying to find the right speakers. I currently have a LSA Standard integrated (Moon Audio version)with a Cary 306/200 CD player.

I have had the Legacy's for about 13 years and like the sound. Looking for full range. I mostly listen to jazz, gospel, R&B and Contemporary Christian music.

Since it looks like vocals is a major aspect of your listening experience, I can, without hesitation, recommend you to take the SongTower's for a spin. Although I personally do not feel they meet up to all the hype people dote upon the speakers, they nonetheless represent a very good value at their respective price point and moreover, should match your components and music perfectly.
"Hype".... wow I did not know the Song Towers made it to
that category.

I have had speakers from Focal, B & W, Totem just to
name a few. I think the Song Towers are a steal for the money. The above mentioned speakers cost muxh more than the Song Towers.

I never look at speakers anymore. That is how happy I am with mine. They are EXCELLENT with vocals. The finish is
beautiful and handmade in the USA.

They are worth way above their asking price.
The big companies could not make this speaker and sell it for the price.

Any reviewer who tested them........kept them.
Jim is a great guy. You cannot go wrong.

It's cool that you dig your SongTower's so much. Kinda like the ACI Sapphire XL monitors, the SongTower's have the ultra rare talent of sounding good when placed in darn near any listening room and on any sort of electronics. This is, in my opinion, the mark of an exceptional design. It's also the reason why so many people enjoy their SongTower's. You don't need a degree + 10 years of experience to get good sound out of them, as it feels you sometimes do with Focal, Totem, etc..

Overall, do they represent an exceptional value? You betcha! Are there other designs out in the market that give them a run for the money? Yep. Are they worth way above their asking price? Dunno about that one..

And no, not every reviewer who has tested them has kept them. Quite the contrary. I will agree though, Jim is a good egg and his craftsmanship is first rate.

Keep in mind I have only seen two reviews.Maybe there are more now......I do not read many reviews anymore.
Burnt way to much.

The Song Towers are keepers!