Salsa and high energy latin jazz album suggestions

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I am setting this thread to provide to others some of the great salsa and high energy latin jazz of yesterday and today. I will start by recommending the last Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz "sonido bestial" concert album. The music in this album is so dynamic and rich, just figure an orchestra with bongos, timbales, drums, congas, six trumpets, three trombones, etc........ The jamming is incredible. I used it to test a musical fidelity system in Tennessee and the store manager asked "what was all latin music that complex and really pushes any system". The best part of the album is in track 6 of disk 1 - Richie Ray plays a Stravinski interlude midway through the song. This is followed by a congas, timbales and bongos me you will enjoy this one!!
Any more sugestions? Particularly albums?
I find Bebo De Cuba's albums to be quite satisfying.
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Absolute Quintet-Dafnis Prieto (fabulous drummer)
Michel Camillo
Tony Martinez
Carribbean Jazz Project.