Salt Lake City, Utah

Anyone interested in meeting and discussing stereos, music and hi-fi, subjects which interest my wife not in the least. I will host.

I'm in Cache Valley, Logan, 80 minute drive NE of SLC.

Would love to attend a gathering in or around SLC.
Any interest? I would love to host a gathering in Logan, UT, w/ food.

Reference quality system, treated room, new tube circuit EL34, 93 dB AudioKinesis speakers w/Late Ceiling Splash radiation pattern I co-invented, etc...

Interesting custom vinyl rig, custom 73 lb TT based on Empire 208, custom 1.5" aluminum plinth, modern Danish cabinet, strain gauge cartridge, kills the digital rig which isn't bad...TRL-modded Sony SACD.

Almost senior age lifetime addict.
Bueller, Bueller. Anyone interested in getting together and listening to music? Wasatch Back for me.