Same brand of Jumpers

I already had good qualities Jumpers, but I installed better jumpers on my loudspeakers,. They are not the same brand as my speaker cables, that are also of very good quality. I wonder if I changed my speaker cables to the same brand as my new Jumpers, if the sound quality will improve with so much sound quality. Given that the loudspeaker cables are connected to the LFs and the Jumpers to the HFs, and that what we hear the most are the Mids and the HFs, would I have more synergy and a better sound, in using both of the same brand?


Makes sense to use same cable for jumpers but you can try something better than your cables or brand that may outperform them.

Quality of connectors is critical in situations like this.

You may also experiment feeding highs first or even connect diagonally.

It would help if you shared what cables you’re talking about and what if any improvements you heard with the new jumpers. 

“Given that the loudspeaker cables are connected to the LFs and the Jumpers to the HFs, ”


Before you invest into new set of speaker wires, what is your speaker manufacturer recommendation to connect speakers with a single wire? For example, my speaker manufacturer recommends, 

“For optimum performance in single wire mode, loudspeaker cable connections from the amplifier should be made to the high frequency (HF) terminals of the loudspeaker.”

If there is no specific recommendations from your manufacturer, I would try and reverse your current configuration. Connect your speaker wires from amplifier to HF terminals and your jumpers from HF to LF terminals. Report back, if you hear any improvements.