Same League? Peachtree Amp500 vs Emotiva XPA-DR2

Looking at these 2 as choices for a change in amplification. Are there any specific pros - cons? I have Acoustic Zen Adagio Speakers.
At one time I had a Peachtree Nova 225 which I found a bit grainy and fatiguing. I also owned an Emotiva DAC which was a very bright (rip your ears off) POS. I would look at other options if I was looking.
Im not familiar with the Peach, so I searched and came across this review. FYI I have bought quite a bit of kit from Underwood over the decades
The Peachtree Amp 500 uses an IceEdge AS1202, their newest amp card. It has been very well reviewed for sound and value. You could get the Peachtree, or go buy the same amp by Legacy for twice the price with a meter on the front that is not supposed to move anyway.