Samsung flat screen TV’s

I have purchased 3 large flat screens since 2012 and all of them have died after 3 to 5 years. The last one yesterday, a curved 52inch HD 4K.
The first one began to have serious color aberrations, the second one was strange and turned off and on non-stop. The third (curved) went black, unable to bring up menu, cable fine, sound fine.

Anyone else experience this? Is there a better brand? Bought a Vizio a few years ago which had a beautiful picture but was as fragile as crystal.
"anyone with experience with the lower end of the 85" range?"

I've been looking around for an 85 or larger.  I've learned a little bit by watching the very good YouTube reviews.
The bottom line is where will you use the TV. Bright room, dark room, windows...  If you need a brighter tv or for gaming etc... then you can choose.  
It seems the reviews are very critical,  much like people here about audio. Nothing wrong with it, they are fans of optimal equipment. I say go look at it and if it looks good to you, then it's good. Doesn't matter if it only has 800 nits instead if 1200 nits etc etc...
Personally, I think the Sony 900H is a very good buy. Roughly $2000 at Costco or anywhere. Doesn't really need calibrating. The colors are great out of the box, 85 inches and it's a Sony.
Good luck
I am in the market for a big TV.  My 65" SHARP, which is at least 15 years old, is fine and hanging in the bedroom now and so far it is working fine.

My new house has a place for an 85"+ screen, and my research says that the best picture is now the LG OLED TV, but it is a bit expensive right now so I will probably wait a while.

Have two early curved 55inch OLED LGs (pre 4K) that have been faultless for years of daily use and still amazing picture; always had problems with Samsung stuff and the newer Pioneer gear is very disappointing. Can't stand all this smart TV stuff- have Sky Q and a nice home theatre set-up so don't want a 'clever' telly with supposedly good sound, just a basic reliable good picture
Thanks, cissado,

We've got a reasonably dark space for the RV room, fortunately.  There won't be any gaming.

Agreed on not spending 30k for the OLED richopp.  I didn't even know you could spend that on a TV!  I enjoy a decent picture, but the experience is not moving to me in the way that good sound is.

I'll put the Sony on my list. Definitely seem to be some reasonable 85" options at 2000 or less, esp. for last years' models.
Hey recluse,

Was the one that turned on and off hooked up to a cable box? I don't mean to state the obvious if everyone knows this, but cable boxes have to be rebooted from time to time or else they will exhibit this same behavior, making it appear the TV isn't working. I've had a Panasonic for 13 years, an LG for 9, and a Vizio for 6 (all LCD or LED) and they're all going strong.