Samsung flat screen TV’s

I have purchased 3 large flat screens since 2012 and all of them have died after 3 to 5 years. The last one yesterday, a curved 52inch HD 4K.
The first one began to have serious color aberrations, the second one was strange and turned off and on non-stop. The third (curved) went black, unable to bring up menu, cable fine, sound fine.

Anyone else experience this? Is there a better brand? Bought a Vizio a few years ago which had a beautiful picture but was as fragile as crystal.
Doni also makes a good point!  You can feel the heat from a Plasma screen a good foot away!  I don't believe you can even purchase a Plasma anymore.  Another good technology abandoned due to government mandates!
I have a few friends who own Samsung TVs and have had some issues with them.

I own a 55" LG OLED bought over 4 years ago and the picture is stunning. My only complaint is their operating system. It seems to disconnect from my Wifi network about once a week and the only way to reset it is to unplug the tv from the outlet and plug it back in.

I decided to use an Amazon Firestick instead if the poor TV interface and never had the Wifi problem again.
I certainly watching either of two Panasonic plasma televisions over the 4K Samsung LED and I think about it sort of like the old tubes vs. SS discussion, with the plasma TVs being more believable/lifelike to watch even if giving up a little in resolution.  Some interesting information on why the plasma television is no more.  I believe weight was the final straw and they are correct, a 65-inch plasma is a heavy lift.
Just as another reader noted: Panasonic Viera Plasma still steals the show.  DVDs with OPPO 103D-  wonderful.