San Diego Audiophile group?

I would love to find an audiophile group in San Diego, or north coast San Diego.  Is there a group out there??  I enjoy learning all about the hobby, listening, studying hardware and setups, and finding new albums that sound great on a good system.




OK.  this is getting hard.  Mostly because Audiogon doesn't allow us to share contact info.  I can be found on that place where professionals post their job history and experience.  Jerry Stephenson Engineering Manager. Southern California.

I have managed to find HikerNeil.

BTW, I'm a hiker too.  Planning a 100+ mile trip for this summer.


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good idea Jerry. i sent you a connect request. 

I can be found James B Davis Quantum Computing…. and other interesting gigs…

Shoot, I've been avoiding joining that place for many years.  Now mostly because I would like to be on permanent vacation.  Live in Escondido, and would be interested in connecting with others who share the bug!  I'll try to reach out to you Jerry.