San Diego Audiophile group?

I would love to find an audiophile group in San Diego, or north coast San Diego.  Is there a group out there??  I enjoy learning all about the hobby, listening, studying hardware and setups, and finding new albums that sound great on a good system.




Shoot, I've been avoiding joining that place for many years.  Now mostly because I would like to be on permanent vacation.  Live in Escondido, and would be interested in connecting with others who share the bug!  I'll try to reach out to you Jerry.

OK, now we are showing off :) 100 miles, that's hard core. I can't count that far in pancakes :)

if you guys want to store a list of names and contact info in a google spreadsheet, protected if necessary, we could do that too

Jerry - I look forward to meeting you.  I hike in the Sierra all summer.  I have hiked the JMT several times, and I know many of the areas along the 395 pretty well.  Between musical systems and hiking, we will have plenty to chat about.

I look forward to meeting many of you and seeing your systems and finding some new ideas, music, etc.