San Diego Audiophile group?

I would love to find an audiophile group in San Diego, or north coast San Diego.  Is there a group out there??  I enjoy learning all about the hobby, listening, studying hardware and setups, and finding new albums that sound great on a good system.




if you guys want to store a list of names and contact info in a google spreadsheet, protected if necessary, we could do that too

Jerry - I look forward to meeting you.  I hike in the Sierra all summer.  I have hiked the JMT several times, and I know many of the areas along the 395 pretty well.  Between musical systems and hiking, we will have plenty to chat about.

I look forward to meeting many of you and seeing your systems and finding some new ideas, music, etc.


I am a member of a Audio Enthusiasts Group in the UK.

My first introduction was when meeting a few Group Members at a Forums annual event approx' 150 miles from my home. 

My demo's of brought along equipment started a dialogue with unknown individuals, of which two individuals making inquiries were discovered to be living  local to my home.

I was then also informed there was a functioning Audio Group and I would be welcomed to the pop in to a get together.

My first visit was back in 2016 and I have not looked back. I now have meeting venues as my home, or between 18 - 50 miles away.

The introduction to a new range of systems and also being privy to how some systems have evolved has been a great experience.  The group has also gathered the attention of some who sell equipment, and there is periodically Brand New Devices put forward to be assessed by the Group. When achievable, such a device will be given an extended period of use, before being assessed from a comparisons in a Bake Off with similar devices.

There is also the in group, a want to create a publicised day of invite to a local venue, where audio systems will be present to the wider audience who attend.

The jovial get togethers and learning to be had is priceless, I thoroughly recommend achieving a meeting and continuing producing dates to get together.

I’m in North County, Bonsall, and have met with Carlsbad2 (Jerry) several times. Good guy and good system. I’ve also met Peter of PBN several times and he’s one of the good guys in audio. Sorry im going to be out of town for the Audio Guild meeting with Peter and Steve!


If there’s a meet up let me know. I can be found on that professional website as Ty Krebs of Nitto.

Fantastic meetup of comradeship, music, food , spirits. A great host w wonderful sounding system imo.> 12 attended….