sand versus shot in speaker stands

recently purchased monitors and stand for bedroom and do not know if i should fill stand or not. if the stands should be filled what material should be used. i always read about stands being sand or shot ready, but i must admit i do not know what is meant by shot and where one goes to by shot.

thanks in advance for the help
Do a search there used to be a product that was similar to lead and made for filling speaker stands. It was odd shapes and claimed to have the ability to interlock and pack as a more dense mass. Maybe someone like Musicdirect, etc would have a clue. Or maybe someone here will know what I am talking about...I rarely do..
I found sand impossible to work with. Any moisture in the air made it clump up and difficult to pour. I went with cat litter, which works well, IMO and is very easy to work with. BTW both Skylan and Totem recommend this product, so I'm not alone in this.

You are correct. There is a compnay called Atacama that sells a product called ATABITES.

"High density filler designed for mass loading of speaker stands. Delta shaped chips which interlock together creating minimum air gaps."
I've never dealt with commercial stands. The set I made many years ago, before I was even aware of hi-end were filled with Sackrete.
Could you still use lead shot if at the same time you mixed in some expanding foam? That'd seal in the lead at the same time as providing additional damping.
Careful of the ratio, so you don't get a geyser of foam.