Sanders 10c/d + Magtech + tube preamp

Hi everyone,
I am considering to buy a full system from Roger, but I thought about using a tube preamp instead of sanders' preamp. Anyone has an experience with a combination of the 10c/d speakers + Magtech with tube preamp? Do you have any recommendations?
I've used an Aesthetix Calypso Signature, ARC Ref5SE, and now an ARC Ref6 with the Sanders Magtech.  They all worked well with it.  However, I've never tried a solid state preamp with the Sanders so can't comment on how much better or worse a solid state pre would be over a tube pre.

I can say than the Ref5SE stomped the Calypso Signature, which isn't surprising given that it's much more expensive.  The Ref6 is even better than the Ref5SE and is one of the few components that lived up to the Internet hype.
I do have complete Roger 10c ESL system in Finland. Recently I switched to Conrad-Johson pre-amp and I am very happy with it. My main (only) source is vinyl, and C-J RIAA has a perfect match to my Pear Audio Analogue / Kid Thomas, with Tracer 10 cartridge. 
Sanders pre-amp is good, but for vinyl i prefer tubes...
Loved the Magtech power amplifier and think it pairs best with a tube pre-amp.   The sound was sterile and lifeless when paired with Sanders pre-amp.