Sanders magtech or odyssey kismet

I am looking for a "last amp purchase" one I can keep for 20+ years and pass down to my son someday.
This probably won't happen, but it is a very good possibility.

I have gone through numerous over the years, with fairly bad luck with them, UNRELIABILITY!

I have narrowed it to these two amps. I know they are both very good.

I would like thoughts on them from other audio people as yourselves.
Before you say these speakers suck, I wanted to say I auditioned A LOT of different ones before settling on these. I use energy rc-70's, only about 45-50 hours on them, nowhere near broken in yet. I LOVE their sound, period.

People say these amps are too good for the speaks, I think not.
Maybe sanders preamp.

I have heard magtech sounds thin, and others say it's amazing.

Anyway, what's your thoughts on odyssey kismet monos or sanders magtech. Thanks
Bombaywalla---Does the voltage-centric nature of the Sanders design make it a less-than-optimum match for the current-hungry Magneplanar speakers?
the correct answer is that I'm not sure.........
..........but if I read between the lines then 
* if you see the electrical specs, you see 500W/ch in 8 & 900W/ch into 4 (Magtech).
* if you see the weight, you see it's just 55lbs. When did you last come across a 500W/ch in 8 Ohms that weighed just 55 lbs? In my experience once the amp is 500W/ch into 8 the weight of the amp is well north of 100lbs if they are high current. 
Maybe this amp is suitable for Magneplanars? The best would be to ask Roger. He's very helpful & a really nice person to talk to...
Thanks, I believe I'll do that. I'm about to set up a pair of Tympani IV's, and am gonna need more amp! Only for the two bass panels, so the amp doesn't need a great midrange and high end. Maybe a Pro amp like a Crown will do. They're cheap. 
@bdp24-  Much of the venue ambiance info in your recording resides in in the lower few octaves.   Use a Crown amp and you'll lose it.   I've been using a slightly modded TransNova 9505, to drive my transmission line woofers, with excellent results in that regard.

That’s the kind of thing I’m wondering about Rodman. I have a PS Audio 200C that’s okay, but it’s "only" 200w/ch @ 8 ohms and 400 @ 4. I’ll try it first, but have been warned the Tympani’s can use and may require a lot more than that. Tympani aficionado Satie over at Planar Speaker Asylum uses a 2500w/ch @ 4 ohms (!) Crown on his (with a tube amp on the M/T panels), and says it sometimes clips! The bass panels will be used up to only about 250Hz, so I don’t need (or want to pay for!) great sound above bass frequencies. I’d love a Sanders amp, but don’t have an extra five grand laying around just for a woofer amp.

I haven’t heard the current Crown amps, or any since the DC-300/A and D-150, a long time ago. I know the Current Crowns aren’t audiophile approved, and for good reason. But why would a current one (no pun intended ;-) "lose" the low frequency ambiance in a recording?