Sanders sound systems preamplifier

Waiting for it's delivery.   Would this be better than my other 2 preamps???

onkyo p-308
B&K pro 10 mc

just want your thoughts on the sanders preamp.  Will it offer better clear sound than these other two preamps?

when I plug in the onkyo, I get instant static from tweeters.  I hope it's not a home cable issue

how do separate all my cables to minimize any hum, ac interference ???  Wrap all power cords together?
everything is bunched behind my tv. 
Col. Sanders built mine, It's finger lickin' good!

I have the iPre from Roger Sanders (Innersound) since 2011. It is phenomenal. Dead quite, Fast, Transparent, Timber and Tone is spot on. Simply, Straight wire with gain.
I have nothing but good things mentioned on all Rogers gear. 

 After I get t he preamp, I'm starting a fund for his speakers. 
I wonder if they will hit as hard as my old cerwin  vega d9's ?

i am praying the old onkyo is the cause of the tweeter static/crackling I get, and when I plug in the sanders pre, I will not hear the crackling.  Everyone please pray to the metal gods I don't have the static. 
Swapped new sanders, took out old onkyo.  Now there's radio stations and constant tapping noise from tweeters, wtf is going on in this house ???   Anyone have any thoughts to this noise I'm g eating? I'm out of my mind, unplugged every damn thing 100 times, no static, I plug in preamps, and I get machine gun snare drum, constant, and now I can hear radio stations from tweeters 
I think i figured it.   Shi$$y cables gave radio station int. Pioneer dv48 light static.   Still static. Will continue to pull components/cables tkl infigue this out.  Driving me nuts

pio dvd is region free 
Anyone notice lack of bass with sanders preamp??????

like it disappeared, wtf. Over speakers closer to wall, a wee better, but still........seems lacking. 

Will cables help? A good CD player?  

I h age early 90's audioquest Quartz, and using an old Sony cd/dvd player