Sansui 4000

Purchased this receiver at a thrift store for $30 with wooden case.After a little cleaning and Deoxit it works and sounds great and was wondering what speakers and cartridges are a good match for the two phono sections.Would appreciate any information you can share.Thank you.
Unless you are into Japanese music you won't on SP-2000 .Some heavy- metal freaks seem to like them though .
The 4000 is a great little receiver, and the 5000 is too.  My old 9090db has eventually become what I listen to most.  It just sounds right. Enjoy your find.  Need more power? The 4000 makes a great preamp/tuner.
Old JBL’s, EPI’s., ADVENTS and Altecs are a good match.

Yes it is.Using it with a pair of ADS L620'S, Cambridge Audio 651c and Technics SL-1700 with various cartridges in a second system and I'm pleased with the setup.