Santana Ultra Disc II 24K Gold by Mobile Fidelity

Has anybody heard the Santana Album on the New Ulra Disc
II Gold CD format manufactured by Mobile Fidedlity? This is the album with Evil Ways, Soul Sacrifice and Jingo to name the more popular of the songs. I would spend the $24.99 if the sound is super. I already own the LP from the
60's, but would go with the Cd if the sound was truly
superior. The cd can be found on Elusive Disc and Music Direct.
Thanks for your responses.
kjl this today and it is outstanding...much better dynamics...better soundstage..more depth..superb..can't wait for abraxas..
I could swear that I owned a Mofi Abraxas years ago. It will be interesting to hear from someone who can compare the previous CD with the new release. Owned the first Santana gold CD on Sony as well.
Double ditto for "Caravanseri". Blew me away in '72 when it came out and the remastered $12.00 CD is excellent. You can probably get one used on Amazon for cheap.

I like to play this for visiting friends who make fun of Carlos' Pop persona of the last couple of decades. His band's first six albums are classics and absolutely superb, and "Caravanseri" has one of the finest guitar solos of all times. Still gives me chills 35 years later.
I just received the Ultra Disc II 24K Gold from MoFi of the first album, and was totally blown away by the sound.

Beyond awesome!!!

It made almost every other regular CD seem but a pale shadow.

I only regret that I came to the party far too late, since almost all of their classic rock and jazz CDs are no longer in print. Sigh....