Sara K SACD vs. XRCD

Has anyone compared Sara K's Hell Or High Water on these two formats?
Sorry Milpai, I should have said, Waterfalls is a Sara K CD on the Stockfisch label. I think it was her first on Stockfisch, when she moved from Chesky and her CDs there were pretty good too
Been a huge Sara K fan since the early Chesky days. She is a unique and special talent.

I met Sara at The Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Santa Fe about 10 or so years ago. We were in town on vacation and happened to walk to the CHOF because we had heard that Sara played there on occasion- as it turns out she was playing there that evening. I asked if they had any tickets left and they looked at me a little funny and said that there were no tickets, just show up at 7:30- I think I was there at least an hour early. I was incredibly excited- her music is truly special for me.

She was playing solo to a not particularly interested dinner crowd. My wife and I manged to get a table directly in front of her and she, essentially, played for us for a couple of hours. She played all my requests and we met after the "show" and talked and I gave her what ammounted to what I felt would have been a very fair ticket price for the two of us. A truly memorable evening.

Anyway, Sara retired from the music scene back in 2009- a great loss for all her fans. I hope she is living happily now. She spoke of living "off the grid" outside of Santa Fe somewhere. Wherever she is now I hope she is well.

I DO like her later Stockfisch recordings very much, but have to say that her early Chesky albums- "Closer Than They Appear" (which I always suspected was inspired by looking at a vehicles' exterior side mirrors) and
"Play On Words" are my favorites- both are not to be missed.

Be well Sara. Your friend- Franz am jealous. I've always been a sara k fan also...own about 10 recordings...a few on chesky and stockfish...hope she comes back soon...I pretty much like ALL her music...
If she has retired, I wonder how Stockfisch keep coming out with new CDs. Perhaps they are old recordings