Satisfied with your DIY power cord?

Has any1 built a power cord and really satisfied with the result?
Ok, Ok, may I rephrase it?
Has any1 built a P/C and really satisfied with the result WHEN compared with a big name brand ones?
Which brands did you compare it with and where did you buy your DIY cords from, HomeDepot?
Yes but my DIY was a bit more costly than anything from Home Depot.
Oyaide Tunami cable and 004 plugs from VH Audio;
Dramatic drop in "noise floor".

My guess is that you have the entry level one; $66 per meter? How much was it total?
Any1 can say they love their DIY P/C but I'd like to hear ones that have compared it with a popular name such Nordost, Cardas, Kimber...

Thanks Ardri
I have a DIY made with Neotech NEP 3200 cable and Wattgate 350i and 330i. Easily surpases a Shunyata Cobra, my present choice vs. a Black Sand Silver Ref. V on my preamp.This cord is also very competitive with all the other more expensive PCs in my system, doubt I would feel deprived with an entire system wired with this.

Neotech supplies the wire used in the Oyaide Tunami, quite good reviews on that as well.