Saw the Gregg Allman band last night.

As you may have already imagined, they did put on a great show. He had Bruce Katz on keys, and a great horn player by the name of Jay Collins. The whole band was very impressive. They played a nice tight show. Saw them at the Egg in Albany.
If they are in your area, and you are a fan, check them out.
I have enjoyed the Allman Bros a few times last decade, but
it was nice to hear Gregg's voice showcased in a more intimate setting.
They have been a favorite of mine forever. I have seen him twice. Unfortunately, the night I saw him with ABB he appeared to be sick or something and Dickey Betts had to carry the show - it just wasn't the same and I was very disappointed. I later saw Gregg Allman and Friends in a really nice old smaller venue with and he was absolutely terrific. I am very glad to hear they are still sounding good. Thanks for the heads up, if they get near Michigan I will try to catch them.
My favorite is "I'm No Angel". Great title track and solid album. It was released on vinyl which sounds quite good.