saw the "experience Hendrix" show wed night.

the "tour" opened up at the club casino in Hampton beach NH, alot of fun, many fine geetar players, one of which was Eric gales, opened up the show with Billy Cox, he played great, haven't heard of him before this, a very tasty Purple Haze rendition. about twenty minutes after his set, I turn to my left,( I was in the back by the bar) and there was Eric gales, talked with him for a minute and congrats him on a fine set, he was most appreciative, turned out he was "walking the crowd",way cool.

Brad Whitford and Johnny Lang played together and kicked out some fine versions of "Fire" and the ever great "spanish castle magic"

Kenny wayne Shepherd really smoked and kicked into high gear.

Overall a fun night, they are only touring for like 3 weeks, catch it if you can.
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Seeing your system I consider this a legit review you may call it. If it were someone that had NAD or Adcom and that sorta stuff I would think it was nothing more than a tribute band.