Saxaphone vs. Trumpet...Which do you prefer?

It’s not the first time I’ve thought about it, but it came up again last night as I was listening to Quintessence volume 2, Stan Getz and Chet Baker recorded live. (an amazing disc) I have to say that for myself, I prefer the saxophone because it seems capable of infinite textures and subtle shadings as well as eye opening dynamic shifts. Of course I love the trumpet too; especially in the hands of a player like Chet Baker.

Depends who's playing and what they're playing. Its not the instrument, its the music. 
Saxophone for much the same reasons as yourself. It does take someone like a Chet Baker or Louis Armstrong to get a halfway pleasant sound out of a trumpet. All too often trumpets just sound shrill and noisy whereas saxophones just ooze life and sensuality.

Probably also explains why I prefer Coltrane over Davis too. 

It is the sax for me but the trumpet between the right lips can be very satisfying. And agree with @bdp24 , hate the flute.