sbooster upgrade for Lumin D2 worth it?

Guys is this a good upgrade?

I only paid $1600 CAD used for the Lumin and Sbooster upgrade is around $800 CAD




$800 seems steep for an SBooster but maybe in CAD that is the rate. Look into Teddy Pardo. I’m sure they have a LPS that works as well. If you email them they’ll let you know.

Lumin D2 has already an internal power supply.

Is it possible to add an external power supply ?

if so , there is one here for 350$  on Canuck Audio Mart


I think to add a PS to any Lumin product, there has to be some surgery performed.


I don’t like what Lumin did ,they took away the external DC power supply ,Why !

because buy putting a good LPS on there Like a Teddy pardo for $475 brings the Lumin for close to their much more $$ unit .

the pardo is noticeably better then the SBooster ,but S booster does make a conversion for the D2 that is pretty good and much better then the smps in the stock unit.