Sbooster with Lumin PSA

Perhaps this is already common knowledge but thought I'd share just in case...

Based on various posts I was considering adding an Sbooster LPS to my Lumin U2 Mini to see what improvements I'd hear.  

As part of my due diligence I emailed Lumin support with the following:

I've recently read about using the Sbooster LPS ( with U2 Mini and how it improves sound quality.

Is there a reasonable engineering based reason about the U2 Mini that this would be the case?

The response was short and to the point:


This voids warranty.

Best regards,

So with a 2 year warranty I think I'll wait 18 more months before considering.





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you want better power supply for better sound from your lumin? well now, one must buy a more expensive lumin!!! 😁

that said, if i were lumin, i would say exactly this...


I too use the U2 Mini and believe it performs well for streaming. I did want to ask you if you’ve heard any noticeable noise through your system while listening to the Lumin. Since owning mine I can recall (2-3) times where I’ve noticed what seemed to be a high pitched sound coming from the speaker.

This usually occurs while listening at a lower volume and interestingly is only noticed on the right side. When it occurs I’ve paused the playback and muted the playback briefly and it stops. I’ve also muted the playback and increased the volume and upon lowering it again and unmuting it stops. I first thought this to be a tube but it only occurs while using the Lumin.

I was wondering if you’ve experienced anything like this while listening to yours or if you were only considering the PS upgrade in favor of a linear power supply

@designsfx I have not come across the scenario you describe. That definitely would be worthy of a conversation with either the shop your purchased from, or Lumin directly.  I have to say they (Lumin) did respond quite quickly!

Good luck and if you do identify the culprit, it would be helpful for you to post in case any of us other U2 Mini owner’s encounter the same thing.



To use the Sbooster with my Lumin T2, I needed to open the case, disconnect the internal power supply, and cut a wire (although I supposed I could have desoldered it), then connect their PS to the motherboard. I presume the procedure would be the same for a U2 Mini.

Why on earth would Lumin honor a warranty after somebody permanently modified their device?

If you replaced your new car's transmission with an aftermarket transmission would you expect the car's manufacturer to respect your warranty?

Warranty realities aside- I wonder how the external power supply that Lumin makes for the higher end models compares to the more popular aftermarket offerings. I know they charge a higher price but has anyone compared it to the performance of those like SBooster and Teddy Pardo? Is it even configurable for use with the Mini?