SCAM ALERT For AudiogoN Sellers - Too Many Questions

An interested 'buyer' starts asking questions about an expensive item were selling.  Its the usual, "When were these made, any issues, etc."  But then they start asking for additional pictures of specific areas.  Usually not a problem.  Its when they ask for a video demonstrating that it works, with images of all of the accys, the serial number plates, that it starts getting phishey.  The first this time happened we found a listing for our product on another site with slightly different pictures. (The other ones we sent).

Its sad that these people use a sellers time and resources to help them build a fake ad for a product they don't have.  Someone else gets ripped off, and then they contact us and we have the product they just paid for, but the money is gone.

We're always willing to answer any questions and provide any additional info for an item were selling,  but it just bothers me to wonder where this information or the images are going to show up. 

SOLUTION:  Talk on the phone.  Is still amazing how much of a feel you can get with a simple conversation.  

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There are a few ways to add a watermark with your iPhone/iPhone photos.  One is just with your iPhone under photos and there are 2 options with an app called snapseed a free app through apple.You can also search Youtube for "how to add a watermark with your iPhone photos"

Good Luck and let us know how you make out.

I advertised a pair of vintage Klipsch on another sight and being that I'm from Mass, a potential buyer from NY asked for a video of them actually playing before he made the trip.


He came with cash in hand. I let him demo the speakers in my system and he bought them for my asking price.


Just my 2¢


You can share personal info in the message section. You just have to use “code “ if you will. 

Scammers are doing a similar thing w/ advertising apartments for rent online. They post Multiple photos & description of a place they got from somewhere  & ask for an application fee or credit check fee or even first months rent & in this tough time for available housing, people pay it. Unfortunately, the unit doesn’t exist! 

I would not buy or sell virtually anything if the person isn’t present unless I could directly talk with or have an email exchange w/ them. These are crazy times we live in.