Scansonic mb serie

Does anyone listen MB serie from Scansonic ?
What about the raidho DNA ?
Does thoses speakers sound like a real raidho ?
I have the MB-1 Scansonic speakers. Was thinking I would sell them and buy a pair of Eminent Technology LFT16. Any opinions? I love the MB-1 - but have the bug to try a change. Thanks!

Has anyone compared the MB-1 with the Raidho x-1 or xt-1t?

  I'm particularly interested to read your impressions comparing  the mid's & highs. These will be very close to a corner wall, so monitors are what I'm looking for.
    Thanks in advance.
It's been a couple of years. The X-1 will have a blacker background resulting in more 'air' between the instruments and vocals which you hear more detail. Overall they will sound more open. I've heard the XT-1 but not side by side with the X-1 or the MB-1. The XT-1 has softer surrounds vs the X1 which means even faster transients. The MB-1 will play lower.
The MB-1 actually compare to the X-1 ????. They are even in the same ball park. Wow, I guess I should keep my MB-1. They are listed at usaudiomart ...

Thanks xti16. It's so difficult to buy speakers unheard. It becomes based on leaps of faith, and trust in other peoples hearing.
  As you know, the MB1's are significantly less money than the XT-1's or X1's.