Scansonic mb serie

Does anyone listen MB serie from Scansonic ?
What about the raidho DNA ?
Does thoses speakers sound like a real raidho ?
It's been a couple of years. The X-1 will have a blacker background resulting in more 'air' between the instruments and vocals which you hear more detail. Overall they will sound more open. I've heard the XT-1 but not side by side with the X-1 or the MB-1. The XT-1 has softer surrounds vs the X1 which means even faster transients. The MB-1 will play lower.
The MB-1 actually compare to the X-1 ????. They are even in the same ball park. Wow, I guess I should keep my MB-1. They are listed at usaudiomart ...

Thanks xti16. It's so difficult to buy speakers unheard. It becomes based on leaps of faith, and trust in other peoples hearing.
  As you know, the MB1's are significantly less money than the XT-1's or X1's.
Is there such a thing as an "over accentuated sound-stage"? I really like the MB-1, but sometimes the sound seems like its coming from behind me or way way off on either side. "Growing Up" by Peter Gabriel is all over  the room. I understand the "disappearing act" but this seems ridiculous. I also have an older pair of Norh 4.0 speakers and they seem more accurate to what a sound-stage should be. Am I crazy?

I think some music is recorded to sound that way. I have some Chesky demos for speaker placement that sound like that. My Dyn C1's did it too. But my old Mission/Cyrus 782's never did sound like that. OTOH your room and seating position will contribute  to sounds behind you. But extreme right and left IMO is a sign of a really well designed speaker.

BTW the X/T -1's are a much higher class of speaker.