Schiit Eitr with CEntrance DAC Mini

Pretty new member here.  I picked up a used DAC Mini that I’m using to stream USB from laptop to Luminous Audio passive pre to NuForce STA-200.  While I’m pretty satisfied with this setup, I’m wondering if I’d have something to gain by getting the Schiit Eitr and going the spdif route.
I have a different DAC than you (metrum amethyst) but also use a passive preamp and recently bought a schiit eitr to convert my laptop USB to SPDIF. It really has been a worth while purchase for me. The eitr completely changed the sonic character of my system. Digital sources sound so much more analog and seem to be played effortlessly. I know the metrum DAC's are known for their warmth so I may be hearing more of that. 

I wouldn't consider the amethyst an expensive DAC and the eitr has been a great addition to my setup. I'm just using a cheap blue jeans SPDIF cable.