Schiit Freya plus. Is this an upgrade?

Any opinions on this version versus the previous?

"differential triode input with semi-circlotron follower stage"

Aside from the usage of circlotron which caught my attention( maybe Ralph can chime in), I am also a little confused about no 2 of Ghasley's FAQ cut and paste:
Were there incompatability issues of single ended sources with balanced outputs or vice versa?

If so, I wasn’t aware of it on this forum
I did have to battle a Hum Issue with my Freya at first.Tube shutoff would be a big plus as well.I usually leave My Freya on from Friday Night thru Sunday Evening and make sure I am going thru the Passive or Jfet section.I'm not sure how much faster I will burn thru Tubes but,I am willing to roll the dice to keep the engine warmed up and ready to go to 11 at a moments notice.
@axememan- You mentioned a hum issue "at first". What, if anything, did you do to rectify that issue?
The Freya+ is a Thunderdome category product. It will only be produced as long as strong consumer demand exists for it.