Schiit Freya plus. Is this an upgrade?

Any opinions on this version versus the previous?

"differential triode input with semi-circlotron follower stage"

@axememan- You mentioned a hum issue "at first". What, if anything, did you do to rectify that issue?
The Freya+ is a Thunderdome category product. It will only be produced as long as strong consumer demand exists for it.
tomcarr I basically built an Ebtech Hum Eliminator outlet box off of a Video from youtube,It was kickin my tail and I was very frustrated. I had read that other folks may have experienced the same thing.I researched and stumbled accross the youtube video.It worked like a champ!

i also have Vang’s 2cig. What amplification are you using your with the Frey’s to drive your Vandys. Can you give your opinion on sound quality. Can you compare to other set ups with the Vandys?  I drive mine with a Rogue Chronus Mag., but I’m very interested what a Freya/ Vidar combo can do.