Schiit Freya+ with Mcintosh mc452 ?

Hi all,

I just got an Mcintosh mc452 power amp (pretty excited) and need a pre. Don’t want to spend a ton (-1000us) so was considering a Mcintosh but its so pricy. Considering the Schiit Freya+ but will I regret it? Any comments or suggestions?


I have one. Good unit. Pretty neutral. You can probably find a decent Mac pre for around the same price, might be a better option. Or, you can buy my Freya! I’ll do you a good deal. I’m upgrading to some ARC gear.

I have had one for several years, they are quite good. Probably your best choice with your budget. That said, I am in the process of upgrading, just cuz. 

Freya is quite good, and easy to buy/sell with little loss, if you decide to upgrade...