Schiit Loki Max?

I'm considering buying the new Loki Max EQ for two reasons: 1) its capacity for remote function from the listening chair and 2) its reputed improved transparency (not the the Lokius I currently own isn't remarkably transparent). 

Has anyone tried one of these? ? ? 




Sorry, I meant that I COULD detect the Loki in my system. There seemed to be some compression with the unit installed. I switched back in forth many times, as I I wanted to keep the unit. It was very well built and did not change the character of the music at all. The controls were like changing the character of the speakers more than the music. I hated to send it back, but I had just purchased a Pass int 250 which is very transparent, and I lost a bit of that with the Loki installed. This might not be noticed on other systems. There was one other person that returned his for the same reason.

I have all 3 Schitt EQs and the Loki mini is just OK I haven’t used mine in a while the Lokius is wonderful, especially with full-range driver loudspeakers. The Max is the better-sounding eq. Remote is nice to adjust sound at the listening position. Still, I would say most systems wouldn’t benefit from the EQ. But if you have room issues, your hearing is failing, or you have a speaker like a full range or music that could use a bit of EQ to sound its best. They can be very useful.

I just got mine today, and so far I’m impressed! Brings out the best in the system and seems as transparent as before. 

Its been a long time; I received the unit in January and had not placed it in the system until just this morning.  I have been trying it with a few old Motown discs, Temptations, and to my ears most of these are bad sounding, little bass, lots of high end, probably mixed for a car radio.  Well, I placed the Max in the system, and played a bit with the 6 settings, made three pre-sets for with increasing boosts in low one, cuts in high end, and they all make these old recordings sound unbelievable!  In bypass mode I hear nothing from the unit.  I think its wonderful, especially the 6 bands and the ability to adjust from a listening position.