Schiit Loki + Mini Users

Was just curious… The Loki + Mini I recently purchased gets pretty hot and was wondering if anyone else's does too.


How is it hooked up? It shouldn't be running very hot, let's see what others say.

If it is out in the open it shouldn't run hot, warm perhaps but don't put it in a cabinet or put it on heat producing sources. Then it can get quite warm.

My Loki Mini + operates at what I’d call acceptably warm temps as long as it has good breathing room — right now it’s got 5”+ empty space above it, 2” clearance on left and right sides, and lots more room behind and in front to breathe.  At one time, I tried shoehorning components into that shelf such that all the above measurements were the same except on the sides which were essentially blocked. Bad move and one I considered myself lucky to have learned from without burning up either Loki Mini + or house!

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