Schiit Mani vs Atoll P200SE Phono Preamp

Does anybody have experience with BOTH of these?
I used  that piece of Schiit while my $2500 unit was being  repaired. Great for the money.

Don't waste your time obsessing on what's  "best" at this level. 

Either one will likely be fine. 
It says the atoll has a dual monopoly design build with 24 volt power supply. Is this good?
Dual monopoly might get confusing, too many pieces on the board...

Dual mono topology, typically a design seen in upper level gear. Think L/R channel circuits independent,  in one box. At this level, considering you're going to plug it into an entry level table, more gimmick than anything. 

The Schiit has plenty of positive reviews, get one for  $150 bucks, plug the table into it and play records, instead of trivial detail(at this level)

Waste of money IMO.
Is there a breakin period for phono preamp.

i have a Rega P3. You consider that entry level? 
The Rega 3 is a solid entry-level table. It will work well with a decent MM cartridge and the Schiit Mani. Leave the Mani on permanently if possible and will sound best after a few days.
I guess in this circle anything under $2K is considered entry level... But that aside, if you decide on the Schiit Mani, go the extra mile and get a Swagman linear power supply for $125 and you'll have great sounding preamp with enough flexibility to accommodate a decent range of MM cartridges.  
I bought the Atoll P200SE and received it yesterday. 
How long is the breakin period?

I can buy the power supply. Exactly what do I plug into it? ...the TT and phono preamp only?
Power supply replaces the wall wart that is supplied with unit.

P3 is a fine table in its price point. Performance expectation should based on your entire system. LPS is the least of your nervosa.

Are there power supplies depending on whether it’s powering a 12v or 24v device? 
Do you need a power supply for each device?

haha, nervosa. 
Things are sounding pretty darn good without spending tens of thousands of dollars. 
- Rega P3 with Nagoaka MP-110
- Atoll P200SE phono preamp
- Duelund oil infused cotton wrapped wire Interconnects with Cardas Silver Connectors
- Marantz AV7704 preamp processor 
- Atoll 500 Amp for Biamping 
- Biamped Monitor Audio Gold Speakers 

This is as much as I could afford! I still need to figure out why there is a small amount of hum apparently coming from the amp when the input is selected for the TT only, even when the TT is turned off!

You got  a lot of "bang for the buck" with the Rega, Nagaoka, Atoll combo. To me, the real star of that group is the Nagaoka MP-110. For $125, that cartridge is a steal. I would put it up against any one else's cartridge up to $800. A friend loaned me his spare MP-110 for audition. It surpassed my $1200 cartridge! I purchased the MP-200 for $385 and couldn't be happier.
Well thank you very much Mr. M, that’s what I was going for, band for the buck without being too cheap. lol

I agree on the Nagoaka for detail and may upgrade to what you have later down the road!

The Atoll preamp May still need to open up a little bit. Either that or the Marantz AV7704 has a better phono than most people think. What the Atoll did do which is crazy to me is quiet down the small amount of EMI hum that I have. You can literally notice a difference by turning on the Atoll preamp power switch. How is that possible? 
While the star of the show for me is my actual Atoll amp, I feel that the Duelund wire ICs provide nice open detailed sound and the monitor audio gold ribbon tweeters and proprietary NASA invented cone material add to the sound as well.