Schiit Mani vs Atoll P200SE Phono Preamp

Does anybody have experience with BOTH of these?
I used  that piece of Schiit while my $2500 unit was being  repaired. Great for the money.

Don't waste your time obsessing on what's  "best" at this level. 

Either one will likely be fine. 
It says the atoll has a dual monopoly design build with 24 volt power supply. Is this good?
Dual monopoly might get confusing, too many pieces on the board...

Dual mono topology, typically a design seen in upper level gear. Think L/R channel circuits independent,  in one box. At this level, considering you're going to plug it into an entry level table, more gimmick than anything. 

The Schiit has plenty of positive reviews, get one for  $150 bucks, plug the table into it and play records, instead of trivial detail(at this level)

Waste of money IMO.
Is there a breakin period for phono preamp.

i have a Rega P3. You consider that entry level? 
The Rega 3 is a solid entry-level table. It will work well with a decent MM cartridge and the Schiit Mani. Leave the Mani on permanently if possible and will sound best after a few days.