Schiit - shipments stopped?

Think they have stopped shipping, maybe ceased ops.

business failures do happen.

my order placed end of nov and no word.  I email and receive generic replies.

They could offer amazing customer service, a dealer network, etc...but then you wouldn’t pay $900. 
What is PrimaLuna and Rogue audio charging for their tube preamps? Give Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio a call he will talk your ear off and overnight you a preamp...but it will cost you
I think a lot of companies are backlogged now because of the pandemic. I ordered something 3 months ago made by another company and just cancelled it. It seems none of the dealers I order from have stock. They are waiting for their orders to be filled. 
Jason writes an article about once a month on Head-Fi. From his latest on 1/13/21

" Backorders have been a part of Schiit since inception, but they’ve been particularly painful this year. Especially Freya+. But seriously, we’ve done double runs of Freya+ and we’re still not getting ahead. And when we have chassis, we may not have boards, and when we have boards, transformer lead times have gone up, meaning we may not have transformers, and even if we have boards and transformers, we have repeatedly run two different tube manufacturers dry on new production tubes, and even if we have all of the above, right now, the custom-sized box we use to pack them in has now gone far, far out in lead-time, thanks to (apparently) Amazon buying every cardboard manufactory in the USA. You can’t make this Schiit up!"

Freya+ listed with shipping on March 25th 

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The quality of the Freya + is such that when one appears in the used market, it is sold that same day. When you do get your unit, do your ears a favor and treat them to some Melz1578 & KenRad VT231.  In fact, since you have to wait, go ahead and order since the good ones come from the Ukraine and take a bit to arrive.  That will make the waiting easier.