Schiit Sol or Rega Planar 6?

Has anyone compared these two TT's? I'm leaning towards getting the 6 with the Exact cartridge, though I do wonder about the Sol. I'd probably replace the stock AT cartridge with a Grace F9. I can get the Rega for about $1850; the Sol with the Grace would be about $1200, and I have someone to put it together for me.

I have a Belles Aria integrated amp with a fine MM phono stage, so I'd be plugging the TT into it. Ease of use is important, making the Rega very attractive (I currently have the Planar 3, which was my gateway TT into the pleasures of vinyl). But I'd gladly get the Sol if I was convinced that its SQ is a close match to the Planar 6. And the prospect of someday getting an extra tone arm does appeal to me.

Speakers are Buchardt S300's. Music on vinyl is mostly acoustic jazz and jazz vocalists. Been at this about a year now, and really starting to enjoy records more than any other source. 

One problem: Cats. Five of 'em. One in particular—Loki, the Trickster Cat—occasionally seems inclined to at least consider exploring the shelf where my TT is. He's been instructed about respecting the music and warned about the consequences should he violate the rules, and I'm always attentive when listening to records. But with the Sol not having a cover. . .

Thanks for any thoughts that do not include attempts to persuade me either to get rid of the cats or pursue more expensive options.   
According to Jason at Schiit the Sol is out of stock and, due to supply issues, possibly done for good.

"Sol may be next--we've turned off ordering while we are filling current backorders so we can catch up. Long delays on some parts mean we don't have firm date when ordering can resume. It may be 6+ months out. Sorry, things are crazy right now, and getting crazier. A convo with our purchasing partner today was hair-raising."
If you can get one right now, I would say don't overlook the Sol. I just received my Sol last week. Absolutely amazing. Setup is easy provided you like tinkering (which I do). Really it isn't bad at all to get the basic assembly done, and the adjustments are endless to get it even better. Also there are tons of forum posts detailing all the upgrade tweaks that really help make that table go far and above expectations. But the question is how does it sound? Oh man! It is still just breaking in, with minimal tweaks so far but the bass response, detail and soundtaging are absolutely fantastic. Not to mention I was able to simply tweak the speed to be dead on and stable with just masking tape instead of the expensive speed controller recommended by everyone. My advice is take your money and run. Spend it on more records, further gear upgrades, or just a giant pile of Big Macs. Just try to control your smiling because your face will start to hurt in short order.
You might want to look at the Underwood HiFi LSA turntable
They were way overpriced, but have significantly reduced it, bringing it in line pricewise. My last TT as a Rega, literally mid 80s