Schiit URD CD Transport SOON?

A non-working model of the long rumored Schiit URD CD Transport has started showing at hifi shows. The device was shown in the Schiit Booth at T.H.E Show in California a week or so ago.

Here’s the article:

New photo from the T.H.E. Show display:

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I'd agree... if it was not displayed at a major HIFi show in the manufacturer's booth 2-weeks ago - but it was on display.

I think the URD will come to market.  Several reasons.  One is that there seems to be a renewed interest in high performing but somewhat reasonably priced CD transports, which explains the units from Cambridge, Audio Lab, Shanling, and Project.  Another is the invested time and effort that Schiit has put into the engineering of working prototype units, which will also double as USB Unison hubs. It is also known that Covid slowed down the progress on several fronts.  And there has been the issue of obtaining parts (like the drives they are using).  Since Schiit has many products (and issues) to deal with, I would not expect them to make the URD a priority, and hurry it to market.  I intend to remain patient and see if it does show up at least by early Fall.

Pass,  I love their products but I am done with CD players. Servers and streaming for me. Love my Statement. 

I am waiting for it.  I have little interest in a CD player, but the URD is supposed to have USB pass-through (with USB-C connectors, unfortunately, as there are not many audiophile USB-C cables).  Then it sends out the USB through Schitt's implementation using Unison.  When matched with the Unison USB input in their DACs, this might be a significant improvement.  Time will tell.

I would more interested in a little box that would take in non-Unison USB and output Unison USB, but I have not heard plans for something like that.

There’s no planned release date. It was on display just for Schiits and giggles.