Schiit URD CD Transport SOON?

A non-working model of the long rumored Schiit URD CD Transport has started showing at hifi shows. The device was shown in the Schiit Booth at T.H.E Show in California a week or so ago.

Here’s the article:

New photo from the T.H.E. Show display:

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That's kind of pricey for a Redbook only transport. I'd like to demo one, but it would have to blow me away for $1299. Sooooo many other options out there for similar money.

Coralkong I agree, there are plenty of transport under 1k, my Yamaha s1000 has sacd And the transport is excellent. my Cambridge transport is very good and reliable.Mike Moffat is also a big part of Theta digital Dacs and transport.He knows this stuff. 

There seem to be more and more transports (mostly Redbook playback) out there in the 3K and below level.  As far as the URD, it is the cheapest transport to use the Stream Unlimited drive and support electronics, which seem to have the best sonics.  Time will tell as to whether Moffat has produced something that approaches the sonics of more expensive transports (like the Project, or Jay's Audio CD2 Mk III).  If it does, it could be seen as a bit of a bargain.  Stay tuned....

It may be of note that there are a couple levels of StreamUnlimited drives. I’m not sure the URD has the top CD Pro 8 mechanism or the servo system.