Schiit URD CD Transport SOON?

A non-working model of the long rumored Schiit URD CD Transport has started showing at hifi shows. The device was shown in the Schiit Booth at T.H.E Show in California a week or so ago.

Here’s the article:

New photo from the T.H.E. Show display:

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New units DOA. Schiit stopped shipping. Looks like they rushed with that Urd.

Sorry guys I just can’t resist it.

The only Schiit I ever took…ownership of, was the Mani phono amp. It was a cheap piece of Schiit that was noisy and had good amounts of distortion. I sold it and that was my first and last Schiit.

I know the first run of Urds was to be rather small - perhaps 250.  I believe those may have sold out  quickly and a second run is planned.  Perhaps there are some units DOA, but I have read of only one user with this problem on this forum. Outside this forum the biggest users are on Head Fi and Superbest Audio friends forums.  I've read of some USB connection issues there, but no DOA units. 

My Urd arrived just fine - not DOA.  It works fine, too.  The USB-C connection is a bit picky about cables. Perhaps some people are having issues getting a proper compatible  UAC2, USB 2.0 cable?  Also, it helps to completely read the user manual before using the unit to understand  proper operation of the unit.  I initially had problems getting the Urd to connect and function properly until I read  user manual. 

I have had an Yggdrasil since they first came out and it has been completely reliable.  The build quality of both the Urd and Yggdrasil are very high, in my opinion.  Schiit offers a 5 year warranty on the Urd with 2 years on the Stream Unlimited transport. 



What specific USB cables have worked with your URD?  I have had issues with that type of connection, and have an inquiry in to Schiit about the issue. My unit now has about 135 hours on it, and sounds great!  No problems with it other than the USB connection.  And, yes, build quality is very solid.



I've successfully used a DH Labs Mirage and a Kimber Kable Select Cu, both native USB-C to USB-B with no adapters.

Both of these as Urd USB output to an Yggdrasil+.  I haven't tried any digital inputs. 


Thanks for the input on the cables!  What would you say are the differences you hear between the Kimber USB cable and the DH Labs Mirage using the URD?